The flagship of French expertise where technological innovations provide added value and sustainability to a new generation of real estate. Bringing together all the most advanced city design techniques: from the digital technologies of the French City Brain ® to the new energy management of cities, and from environmental innovations to all the components of “green-tech”. The French way of life plays an important role within French Dream Town because the pleasure of the senses, design and art are inseparable from the city’s technological excellence. An alloy that integrates ecological and digital innovation at all levels of the city, from networks and infrastructures to the visitor experience.

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The French Dream Town interests us because it gives body and feeling to the technological dream. It is both high-tech and glamorous. It embodies all that France is, the technological audacity of the Eiffel Towel, but also design, haute couture, and gastronomy. French Dream Town is the pooling of all the most advanced techniques of city design, from the digital technologies of the French City Brain©, to the new energy approach of cities, including environmental innovation, and all the components of the  ‘green-tech’. It is the ‘must have’ of tomorrow’s city. We bring to it our environmental expertise, our biotechnological and plant innovations applied to the city and our practice of digital design. All this takes on a new dimension by combining our expertises with the French Dream Town’s ones, and with those of Xtreee for example, who are experimenting with concrete in digital printing. The French Dream Town combines all the components of green-tech: a design that reflects the imagination of the future, nature in the city, while offering the French way of life. Here, we also could drink, eat, buy! It will be a place of hospitality and sensual and sensory experiences! French Dream Town is this ‘alloy’ that integrates ecological and digital innovation at all levels of the city, from networks and infrastructures to the experience of the visitor. Because these digital technologies will know the person so well in the future that they will actively participate in the evolution of their lifestyle, anticipate their desires, generate new uses and transform consumption patterns. There will be new economic models and even trade will be changed into pure experience. That’s why the French Dream Town brings the pleasure of the senses, design and life at the same time as the technological excellence of the city! At XTU we love this hybridization of technology and the senses. Because we too have developed innovative technologies, while drawing inspiration from Wine to draw the voluptuous curves of the Cité du Vin: pleasure, design and high-tech!

Entretien entre Anouk Legendre, Co-fondatrice et architecte associée XTU et Fadwa Sube.

French Dream Tower

The French Dream Tower is designing an emblematic, spectacular, bio-inspired project! It gives substance to French digital innovation at the service of the city It makes its biotechnological and environmental innovation visible. Its architecture is based on nature as a source of inspiration. In this respect, it is a Franco-Chinese project, because nature is an essential value in China. He takes the iconic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, transforms it by taking inspiration from flowers, but also from the dresses of Parisian women, and combines it all into a project with flexible and fluid lines, almost dancing. Thus its shape simultaneously embodies constructive and innovative boldness, the glamour of haute couture, and the wonders of nature.

French Dream Tower

French Dream Towers

French Dream Towers

This project creates a new real estate model. It provides upstream support for environmental innovation techniques at all levels of construction: printing and digital cutting of structures, low-carbon production, distribution and storage of energy, optimization of air quality and pollution control, shared mobility, safety, short cycles, biotechnology, ecosystem services of nature in the city. It is composed of 4 towers where different programs: showrooms, offices, restaurants, greenhouses, hotels, and cafés. On the ground floor, a business of the future, a place of experience and exhibition, is organized around a central patio. It is housed under a large wooden roof, inspired by traditional Chinese roofs.

First time in China

The facades of the towers are biofacades with connected microalgae. They allow plankton to be cultivated with the energy of the sun. Based on patents developed by XTU and its partners, biofacades are the solar collectors of tomorrow. They make it possible to produce superfoods and organic medicines sourced from plants. They can also filter water and clean up air and store CO2 in bulk, which they convert into useful biomass. They also contribute to improving the building’s thermal performance. They are managed automatically and remotely via the Internet by specialized digital technologies. Carried out on a large scale, they bring China into the biotechnological revolution of the 21st century!

XTU First in China
Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology

An ecosystem which depollutes water and air.
Vegetable to refresh the city.
Build in wood and reforest the territories.
Aquaponics greenhouses for an exceptional gastronomy.

Why XTU ?

Quality of architecture, design and landscapes.
Environmental expertise.
Creativity innovation, future foresight.
Technical performance.
Use of resources.

Frédéric Lassale

TPF Engineering

Catalyst for innovation in construction and for smart cities

This initiative brings together French expertise and demonstrates their ability to meet the challenges of the most innovative country in the world. It is a showcase of excellence where high-performance companies will emerge. It is a collective work to build a strong brand, broaden our horizons, improve our performance.
Frédéric Lassale, CEO TPF Engineering